Reluctant Dragon Contest

The winner of the Reluctant Dragon Contest is Thea! She received 2 tickets from the Performing Arts Centre to their Reluctant Dragon show next week.

The Lonely Dragon

There lived a dragon by the sea
he was very lonely indeed
he thought he was the last of his kind
he spent his days in his mind
he hoped for a friend who would be there till the end

He drew charred pictures
with his fiery breath
until a mouse came
all his pictures were the same

The mouse brought berries
she brought some cherries
to brighten the pictures
that were so dark and grey

They went on a journey
to end his yearning
they checked the local fires
higher and higher
try as they might
there was no dragon in sight

His hope was gone
he was too tired to go on
his great big search
for a dragon on her perch

He sulked away
but realized in a way
his best friend had always been there
they were a perfect pair

The mouse had brought colour
like the flowers in summer
his heart was at rest
she had made him his best

2nd place winner Annika age 11 who will also receive a ticket to the show thanks to Fairview Family Law.



There once was a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins,
he was a burglar, he had to steal a dragon’s,
pile of coins jewels and gold, the journey there was very cold.


The dragon was Smaug, out of the fog.
he was red and mighty in all his glory
tunneling through a sea of his treasure.
There is a key to this place, after you find it you must race!


For the last day of fall, the keyhole will call, and appear!
If you are daring, you may hear
the silent sounds of a dragon stalking underground.
In treasure he will lie, at night he will fly, off for a bite.


Smaug’s wings in rhythm of one, his hunting has begun.
Beware if you see him with one glance, you will note you haven’t a chance.


So Mr. Bilbo Baggins, snuck to the dragon’s.
Along with his twelve friends. They were near the end.
to defeat the dragon but take his treasure in what? A wagon?
One ring glittering light, in the middle of the night.
How can they do it? With his breath Smaug lit up the cave
with Bilbo trying to be brave.


Dragon glaring, nostrils flaring,
flies to a town in his anger.
All townsfolk are in danger!
Behold, the power of Smaug!



Family Literacy Week

We have a full week of events for families this year.

We will start with Dear Zoo Puppet Show  Jan 23 10:30am. This will be a special story time featuring both Stephanie and Judy and their puppet pets.

Later that afternoon we have Frozen activities      Jan 23  2pm (please register). Anna and Elsa will be at the library! Olaf’s song will come to life in blacklight! Plus kids can make their own crowns, snowmen or rock trolls. Of course we also have many frozen stories to enjoy!D

Next is the Dr. Seuss Puppet Show    Jan 27 3:30pm (please register). With shadow puppets, a glow in the dark story and a cat in the hat activity.

Olivia The Pig Party   an 28 3:30pm (please register) we will see Olivia take over the circus, train her cat and remind us how fabulous a pig can be.

Mo Willems Puppet Show  Jan 29 3:30pm (please register) We will be repeating the event from last year’s Summer Reading Club including black light, felt story and elephant and piggie classics. With the addition of I Really Like Slop the skit and puppet show.

We will conclude the week with a Stuffie Sleepover   Jan 29-30th . Drop off your teddy bear or stuffed animal and we will take good care of them at the library. They’ll have lots of fun with our puppets and books and tell you all about it when you come to get them in the morning.

Attending any of these events enters you in the draw to win a prize pack of unplugged activities for kids put together by the Optimist Club or books donated by Friends of the Library. DSCN1851.JPG

Last Week’s Trivia Answers


The form asked what author created the character and the answers were

  1. Mo Willems
  2. Peggy Parish (but we also accepted Herman Parish because he has continued her work and if people looked up the author of newer titles he would be listed)
  3. Jeff Kinney
  4. Jennifer L. Holm
  5. Eric Carle
  6. Jim Davis
  7. J. K. Rowling
  8. J. M. Barrie
  9. Melanie Watt
  10. Marie-Louise Gay

The current contest is a little easier. It features animals made out of Lego and asks you to list what type of animal each picture is. The contest will run until Friday and then a new poster will go up.



Congrats to our SRC contest winners. We had so many great entries!

Vernon 2030 Writing Contest

  1. Lina  won $50 for Bookland and a year membership at Okanagan Science Centre (both donated by Friends of the Library)
  2. Tori  won a season pass to the Performing Arts Centre (donated by the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre)
  3. Christy won 5 books of her choice from our book cart (donated by Friends of the Library)

 Graphic Novel Contest

  1. Gus & Taiyo won $100 for Ebenezers and 2 books donated by Friends of the Library (to share because they worked together)
  2. Brock won $25 for Ebenezers donated by Friends of the Library

Limerick Contest

  1. Lilly won a Teach and Learn gift certificate (donated by Vernon Teach and Learn), a bowling pass (donated by Lincoln Lanes) and a book donated by Friends of the Library
  2. Jacob won a Teach and Learn gift certificate (donated by Vernon Teach and Learn), 
  3. Kiana  won a book donated by Friends of the Library)

Joke Contest

  1. Kiana  won a Teach and Learn gift certificate  (donated by Vernon Teach and Learn)
  2. Jalia won a Teach and Learn gift certificate (donated by Vernon Teach and Learn)


Are you curious about what books you can win this Summer? Some of the prizes for Summer Reading Club are in the display case for a sneak peek. There will be weekly draws all Summer. Don’t miss your chance to win!



These kids and teens wrote about what was behind the library’s orange tarps. Their creativity wowed us. Friends of the Library funded our prizes.

For kids 8 and under

  1. Annie Hayhurst, age 6, author of Penguins. Annie’s prize is a $50 gift certificate.
  2. Ava Tepper, age 8 ,author of The orange tent. She won a pop-up book making kit and a Storyworld storytelling kit.
  3. Lily Butler, age 7, artist of man-eating bunny. She wins two books and some crayons.

For the ages 9-11 category

  1. Olive Butler author of Big Orange Secret won a $50 gift certificate
  2. Katelyn Kadach author of littlest of the little people. She wins a pocket microscope, a book and a notebook.
  3. Anastasia Wasylinko author of Unbelievably Orange Adventure. She wins two books of her choice.

For ages 12-15

  1. Christy Richards author of Weaver. She wins an e-reader
  2. Sarah Kadach author of orange tent robbery wins 5 books of her choice
  3. Elizabeth Vargas author of Reminiscing of a 12 year old wins 2 books of her choice

If you didn’t win this time don’t worry, there’s another contest! Vernon 2030

The Orange Story Tent Contest

The Vernon branch of Okanagan Regional Library is very orange these days. Big orange tarps cover most of the first floor. What is going on behind them? Is the world becoming orange? Are all the books going to taste like oranges now? Are the words extra juicy? Are the workmen building something extra special for us back there? Is it going to be a zoo full of orange animals? Only you can tell us, with your imagination. Kids under the age of 15, we want your stories and your poems, and your drawings of the world behind the big orange tent. We’ll help you, too, on Monday afternoons after school, or anytime you want to come by and talk to our writer in residence, Harold Rhenisch. He’s helped a lot of young writers and many young adult and children’s authors, and he is waiting to help you this March and April at the library.

Fantastic prizes to be won:

Young Kids (under 8)

  • 1st place: $50 Gift Certificate to a bookstore
  • 2nd place: Pop Up Book Making Kit  and Storyworld Kit
  • 3rd place: 2 books and a spinner of crayons

Older Kids (ages 9-11)

  • 1st place: $50 Gift Certificate to a bookstore
  • 2nd place: pocket microscope, a book, and a writing notebook
  • 3rd place: 2 books

Teen (12+)

  • 1st place: Kobo eReader
  • 2nd place: 5 books of your choice
  • 3rd place: 2 books of your choice

Please submit your entries by April 30th at 9pm to and include your name, age and what school you attend (or if you are homeschooled).


All contest entries should be e-mailed to or dropped off
for Stephanie at the library.

Poetry contest due August 15
Write a poem that somehow relates to our theme Up, Up, and Away. Use your
imagination! There are many different styles of poetry and topics that could
work. The prize is a gift basket perfect for a budding writer.
Book Trailer contest due August 15
A book trailer is a video that advertises a book. We have some in our catalogue,
look at the book Leviathan. We want more book trailers! Use a video camera,
digital camera or computer software to create a book trailer for a book the
library owns. We will add our favourites to the catalogue and the winner will
get a gift certificate. It can be you and your friends acting, claymation, cartoon
or using stop motion of toys. If you use any music make sure you submit the
name of the song and the artist so we can give them credit.
Include your name, age, and the name of the
book you are promoting.
Review Contest due August 15
Add reviews to our interactive catalogue. Send me your username and for each
review you complete you will be entered in a draw for a book. The best review
of the summer will also win a book.
Weekly contests to win books are held on the back wall of the children’s area.
Check out the poster and fill in the weekly answer sheet for a chance to win.