Lego @ The Library

Lego is going to be a little different this year. Last year we found that kids need some time to burn off their energy after school and have trouble sitting still even if it’s to play with Lego.  Our solution is to start a little later so everyone has some time to play outside before settling down for some library time.

I also noticed that even though we had a big waiting list a lot of time we had extra spots because not everyone could make it every week. This year you can register for individual weeks rather than an ongoing club. Each week has a theme, we will have books about the theme and the kids will build something related to those books. Lego Club is intended to help kids think beyond what they would normally build, to try new things, and be inspired by what others have built. Books are a part of all of our activities.

Registration begins September 1st. You can register through the online calendar, by clicking the themes below or by asking an info desk staff member in person.

2015 themes:

No bullying will be tolerated at the Lego events. We want everyone to have fun and use their imaginations.


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