Cardboard City

In anticipation of Cities Fit For Children I asked the kids to think about what they would want in their city. What would an amazing place to grow up look like?

I overheard some debate about whether teens should be considered too. The eleven year-olds especially were concerned that in a couple of years they wouldn’t benefit from the child-specific improvements and they emphasized that teens needed places to hang out as well.

It was not a project in total seriousness. I read them the book If I Built A House by Chris Van Dusen and he comes up with all sorts of quirky rooms for a house. I told the kids they could do this on a larger scale, coming up with imaginative buildings to include in a city.

This could have been a week-long project that we squeezed into an hour. Some of their ideas were:

  • No smoking
  • A candy store in every corner
  • Floating bubble cars
  • Trampoline sidewalks
  • The biggest buildings
  • Houses that have slides
  • Jetpack store
  • Libraries and bookstores
  • Petstores
  • Candy
  • Leaning tower of pizzas
  • The land could be made of steak and the water taste like gravy
  • Amusement parks
  • Thumb print doors
  • Anti-gravity room
  • Money vending machines
  • Roller-coasters
  • Statues of kids
  • Gaming Malls

Once they had their list they started to make models to show what it would look like. They focused on what was most important to them including a nature preserve, a water-slide, and a glitter pool.

DSCN1603 DSCN1604DSCN1607DSCN1605DSCN1606 DSCN1608 DSCN1609 DSCN1610  DSCN1611 DSCN1613 DSCN1614

Of course we had books about buildings, cities and sustainability.DSCN1615 DSCN1616


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