Poetry Day

We had some fantastic young poets participate today!

We started with book spine poetry














Here are some samples of today’s rhyming poetry

A stack of a million chairs
it might just surprise you to see
that a stack of a million chairs
goes higher than ever could be
It would up and down and touch sky
The stack of chairs would go so high
No one could climb it not even a pro
Not even if he climbed it rally slow
So don’t climb such high of a stack
Cause if you do you’ll break your back

By Brady


“Mom mom when I wear make-up?
you put some on the pup”
But why not me
I never ate a bee
Well honey my cute little girl bunny
you’re too young so nonny
As mom slowly went to sleep
I made sure there was no peep.
I grab the lipstick and the mascara
what is mascara?
Some kind of makeup I know
and it says don’t blow
In the morning mom woke up
“honey! did you put on makeup?” yep
I said proudly but very loudly.
Mom looked ill so she took a pill
mom fainted so I wait and painted
A knock at the door
“No more”
I ripped off my makeup open the door
mom woke up and answer it
It was dad mom told dad all of it
I was grounded for 1 week
but I still peek at the makeup a
at the bathroom
mom slammed the door boom.

By Lilly
I had a cookie
with chocolate chips!
But I never got a lookie
It’ll never meet my lips

There Once was a poodle who loved to just doodle
And then One Day,
All he could say
Was “I love cupcakes!
But I hate normal cakes”/

A Drogon took my cheese!” said Dave
Dave is a vendor that does not share
“A dragon took my bread!” said Jim
Jim is a tailer who is quite dim.
“A Dragon took my tomatos!” said Bob
Bob is a farmer but has no real job.
“I’m sorry everyone, I just need to eatza,
come into my den and lets all have some pizza

By Ethan

I am the book
it’s where you should look
I am not hiding
you just have to start finding

The teacher and me are like ham and cheese
Oh just read me please

By Emma


I walked to the pool
with a big fool
She had a bull
Moo I ran and pan out of cow

When I’m with you
I’ll say ewww….
When we walk
I don’t like to talk
because once I met a bear
She kept asking to sit in my chair
I said no no no!
She said come on, come on, oh!

By Talia (who also drew a rough draft of a large teddy bear sitting on a tiny chair with a startled looking goldie locks girl to accompany the poem)


If you found a wired goat that said nay
You maybe might just want to say
to run and go
But start really slow
Because the goat might just want you
To play

By Brady

Queens and Kings really like rings
They live in a castle with a rascal
They have too many things just like their rings

By Emma

I had a dog named Bob he had a nap
on a cat I had a big mat that
was as cold as mold and my dog
was loud on my cow that love
to moo on a show

by Jasmine

Once upon a time is how fairy tails start
but it’s very different when you get hit with a dart.

Making friends are hard
once one last name was bard!

by Lilly


Mom is a monster!
I saw her at a live pig!
Somebody help me!

Haiku by Ethan

The moon comes up and
my head goes down and hits
bed I can’t sleep help

By Jasmine



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