Story Time November 29

Today we had two story times!

The first one was our regular English Story Time

  • Welcome Song: “Elbow room”
  • Book: Stella Queen Of The Snow by Marie-Louise Gay
  • Song: “Our Twos”
  • Book: Not A Box by Antoinette Portis
  • Song/Flannel: “We All Go Travelling By”
  • Book: Penguins Can’t Fly by Richard Byrne
  • Song: “Hands Are For Clapping”
  • Book: Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs by Carmela LaVigna Coyle
  • Song: “I’m a Pretzel”
  • Book: The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland
  • Song: “Hopping Up and Down”

Then we had a special Multilingual Story Time


  • Welcome song “Elbow Room”
  • A song in many languages with Danuta
  • A Japanese story with Mika
  • A Filipino song with local Filipino children
  • A French book with Karine
  • A song in many languages with Danuta
  • An African folk-tale felt story with me
  • A German song with Brigitt
  • A French felt story/song with me
  • A Spanish book with Karine
  • An English song about many countries with Danuta

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