These kids and teens wrote about what was behind the library’s orange tarps. Their creativity wowed us. Friends of the Library funded our prizes.

For kids 8 and under

  1. Annie Hayhurst, age 6, author of Penguins. Annie’s prize is a $50 gift certificate.
  2. Ava Tepper, age 8 ,author of The orange tent. She won a pop-up book making kit and a Storyworld storytelling kit.
  3. Lily Butler, age 7, artist of man-eating bunny. She wins two books and some crayons.

For the ages 9-11 category

  1. Olive Butler author of Big Orange Secret won a $50 gift certificate
  2. Katelyn Kadach author of littlest of the little people. She wins a pocket microscope, a book and a notebook.
  3. Anastasia Wasylinko author of Unbelievably Orange Adventure. She wins two books of her choice.

For ages 12-15

  1. Christy Richards author of Weaver. She wins an e-reader
  2. Sarah Kadach author of orange tent robbery wins 5 books of her choice
  3. Elizabeth Vargas author of Reminiscing of a 12 year old wins 2 books of her choice

If you didn’t win this time don’t worry, there’s another contest! Vernon 2030


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