Full house! But you can still participate


All of our events have the maximum amount of kids we can have for the activities. If you missed out this year for events that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of SRC! Pick up a reading record starting tomorrow and earn stickers and a medal for your reading. Enter contests in the branch at the back of the children’s area or enter any of the contests below:

Poetry contest due August 15

Write a poem that somehow relates to our theme Up, Up, and Away. Use your
imagination! There are many different styles of poetry and topics that could
work. The prize is a gift basket perfect for a budding writer.
Book Trailer contest due August 15
A book trailer is a video that advertises a book. We have some in our catalogue,
look at the book Leviathan. We want more book trailers! Use a video camera,
digital camera or computer software to create a book trailer for a book the
library owns. We will add our favourites to the catalogue and the winner will
get a gift certificate. It can be you and your friends acting, claymation, cartoon
or using stop motion of toys. If you use any music make sure you submit the
name of the song and the artist so we can give them credit.
Include your name, age, and the name of the
book you are promoting.
Review Contest due August 15
Add reviews to our interactive catalogue. Send me your username and for each
review you complete you will be entered in a draw for a book. The best review
of the summer will also win a book.

All contest entries should be e-mailed to svollick@orl.bc.ca or dropped off for Stephanie at the library.


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